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If you're looking to buy a three wheel stroller the Jane Powertwin is the most stylish and versatile available. Its suitable for twins, two toddlers or a newborn and toddler. If you add the Jane "surfer board" you'll be able to cope with three!

The swivel front wheel and disc brake allow you to confidently steer and easily stop, even when descending steep hills and paths. Ball bearings in the wheels mean that there's less resistance when you push and the ride is extra smooth, allowing sleeping babies a bump free rest.

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Getting into and out of the car is straightforward because the seats detach from the chassis with the pro-fix system. The stroller folds up nice and small and the wheels are quick release if you want to detach them too.

Jane Powertwin Summary

Jane Powertwin Folding

When folded down the stroller is only 46 x 35 x 87 cm. This is remarkably compact for a tandem. For more details of the folding mechanism and to see it folded click here

Jane Powertwin Video

This three minute video gives a thorough run down of the tandem pushchair features and shows you how to operate the rear brakes, disc brakes, quick release and raincover. Click here to watch the video

Jane Powertwin Reviews

People who've bought the stroller and their opinions on the good and bad points. Click here to read the reviews

Jane Powertwin Accessories

Footmuffs and parasols are amongst the accessories available. If you're looking for these goto the accessories page

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